Ritter Knight Creative is a digital marketing agency who has worked on over 101+ website projects spanning across 11 industries including manufacturing, hospitality, tour and travel, and more. Collectively, our websites have helped bring in over $50M in sales and saved businesses over 2000 hours of time.

We help businesses market themselves effectively online (and offline) through top-notch website design and other digital (and even some print) services. Whether you need a trusted partner to run your day-to-day marketing efforts or a little help filling in the gaps with an existing team, we’ve got you covered.

Ritter Knight was officially formed in 2013 but the roots of the company begin as far back as 1996 when founder, David Ritter, then a high school student, purchased his first domain name and put up a website offering website design services as a hobby. A few years later, he went on to sell that domain to an international oriental foods distributor based in the UK for a nice profit. Unlike others who simply hopped on the web train to simply make money, we’ve been using it almost since day 1.