Why Ritter Knight

Why should you work with Ritter Knight? Glad you asked.

Give us your design problems

We are a group of big picture thinkers with attention to detail.

Good design doesn’t just make you look good, it changes people’s behavior. In fact, those changes might even ruffle a few feathers at your organization. Change is good—when it’s executed properly. Change for the sake of change is just busy work.

  • If you’re looking for a design agency that does exactly what you tell them to do, you may not like working with us. That’s not design, it’s execution. (Yes there is a difference.)
  • If you’re looking for a cheap or quick fix, we’d recommend Squarespace.
  • But if you want real solutions, backed by experience, analytics, and business savvy, you want us on your side.

Let’s solve real problems together and ask the tough questions. Like an investigative journalist and football coach all rolled into one, we dig in deep to help you figure out the high percentage plays that are going to work for you.

Websites are a marketing problem

That’s pretty, obvious right? Yet, when it’s time to “fix” the website, the Bat-Signal often goes out to the folks running IT.

Other technology-focused companies are keen to sell you a bunch of templates and some sort of content management system all bundled up neatly with phone service and e-mail.

However, your website is not an IT problem, it’s an always-on, 24/7 marketing solution that just happens to relate to technology. We’re here to bridge that gap.

Today’s websites require more

These days, almost anyone can point, click, and “design” their way to a simple website in 5 minutes. If you just want a website, GoDadddy and SquareSpace can give you one easily enough.

But creating an optimal, engaging website experience—on any device—that converts visitors into users, or helps you publish effectively is much more challenging.

Today, every word, every image, every bit, every packet… matters.

Start marketing like it’s 2017

Helping you craft the best website on the planet is only just the first step. These days, you need to create the path your visitors use to get to you, too. Let’s create a plan of action to help you do that. And then, execute awesome design around that plan.

Because design without a plan is just artwork.

Let’s be awesome, together

From sales tools to online portals and intranets, e-commerce, e-mail marketing, photography and video, we can help with all online and offline marketing.

A committed relationship

Some firms pride themselves on working on over 500+ company websites. Sounds impressive? What it really means is they put a little time into the work, and then moved on to another job.

Brains & Beauty

Many companies are strong in either development (coming from IT) or graphic design (coming from traditional print), but not both. Today’s websites need to be robustly programmed, optimized for search engines, and look beautiful. We don’t compromise one for the sake of another.

From complex e-commerce development to mobile to apps, we’ll help you build it beautifully and securely.

A side of ROI

Your business probably exists to make money. So rest assured when we take on any job, we’re dead serious about doing the best job that gets you results. You’re entrusting your business’ reputation—and brand—on your website agency’s ability to deliver on their promises.

Clients like you are starting to realize that cheap, or crowd sourced design is not really in their best long-term interests. Building a long-lasting relationships is really what separates the “insanely great” designers with the mediocre ones.

We hope to bring you a nice return on investment with Ritter Knight Creative—emotionally and financially because when you succeed, we succeed vicariously because we know you’ll keep coming back.

You can’t do this alone… and neither can we.