Photography & Video Production

One of the best ways to convey authenticity on your website is with original photography and video. Quality photos and well-produced video production tells people you mean business.

Why Photography?

When you have good quality photography, you can keep using it everywhere and find places to use it—whether it's on your website, email campaigns, brochure, data sheets, or products.

Professional photography is great for:

  • Headshots
  • Product photos
  • Interior & exterior shots

... and much more.

In addition to custom photography, we can help you choose appropriate, non-cliche "stock" photography and make it more of your own (by using multiple shots with your product together, for example).

Why Video?

Multimedia videos are a great way to distill down complex content or to give brief overviews of your product or company in a way that's easy for all viewers to digest. A brief introductory demonstration or explainer video can mean the difference between a sale or someone leaving your site because they don't understand your service or know what your product actually does.

Video is ideal for:

  • Video Biographies
  • Product Tours
  • Demonstrations
  • Instructional Content
  • Content Marketing

... and so much more. And video often doesn't need to be a big budget production to be effective for marketing purpose.

Content with Purpose

Video is not always appropriate and it can also be done very poorly. We've seen videos that—while well produced—were simply not web friendly and more importantly, didn't fit the context. Like everything else on your website, your content should have purpose.

Digging out that old DVD content produced a few years ago and putting it online—in the wrong context—can show viewers you don't "get" the web, especially if everyone in your video is still wearing '90s style hairdos and clothing.

Oftentimes video intended for a different medium, like a long-running tradeshow video, simply needs to be broken down into smaller segments or re-edited in a different way to be useful for web visitors.

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Depending on the complexity of your project, we can do the work in-house or bring in other trusted professionals to create just the right content for your website. We can also let you shoot it and let us edit and do any post-production on it.

Whether it's 30-second video biographies of your staff, professional headshots, or a long format training video, we can shoot it, produce it, and put it on the web for all your clients and customers to see.

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