Website Analytics

Unlike an offline medium such as print, your website holds a wealth of knowledge, in the form of server logs and website analytics. Every time someone visitors a page on your website or performs an action, those events are recorded and can be used for business purposes.

Let's define what success means

Website analytics help us to understand and answer :

  • How many visitors came to our website today?
  • What pages did they visit? How long did they stay?
  • What products are popular? Top sellers?
  • How many users are using a mobile browser?
  • How many visitors came from social media?
  • What percentage of people opted into our newsletter?
  • ... and many more.

Analyze this

These types of questions just scratch the service. The real power of analytics comes when combining those simple questions together:

Did anyone on a mobile browser buy one of our products who came from an ad placed on Facebook? Which marketing channels are actually giving us the best leads?

Those questions can be invaluable at determining a website strategy, yet more difficult to answer, unless your analytics package and your website are setup properly to support such features.

Data can also play a huge part in how we redesign a website. In an e-commerce store, we might consider promoting or deemphasizing certain pages or products, based on website analytics.

And you can't build any kind of marketing automation system without data.

Make sense of the data

Mark Twain (among others) popularized the phrase: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

In the case of analytics, this quote alludes to the flip side of data: making the wrong assumptions.

As an example, many businesses refuse to put much emphasis on a mobile website because their website analytics tell them their traffic won't benefit from it. However, a company's website can easily end up becoming a vacuum: nobody visits the website on a mobile browser because it's not mobile friendly.

That faulty assumption can be costly. Over 1/2 of website traffic is now coming from mobile with many industries seeing the majority of their traffic. How would you like to give away 30-60% or more of your traffic to your competitors?

Many marketers fall into this trap of not seeing the big picture—don't let it be you! (Let this be your public service announcement.)

Marketing with Data

Based on site activity from your website or clicking links in an e-mail campaign, marketing automation platforms can even kick off drip e-mail campaigns or help sales people follow up with prospects.

Professional advice

So you can see how powerful understanding your website's statistics can be. It takes a set of experienced professionals to help you analyze these results, by using common industry trends, and savvy business sense.

As your trusted partner, Ritter Knight can help you not only select an analytics package—including Piwik, Crazy Egg, KISS, MixPanel, Google Analytics, etc.—we'll help you set it up on your website, integrate it properly into your commerce or marketing automation solution, and we can help you get the most out of it.

Can we help you with website analytics?

If you need help making sense of your analytics, let us know how we can help.